Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Butterfly Fantasy Make Up
make up tutorial butterfly fantasy make up
I wore a gown here, no thinking funny sana aa.

I wana share a look I did on my colleague, Irene during our SKM 2 A.K.A MLVK 2 (Malaysian cert) practical. We took turns and she did this look for me. I think it's the nicest anybody has ever done to me man!

make up tutorial butterfly fantasy make up

Okay here's her look. I had my creative thinking on that time; I was thinking of pretty, colourful and glittery butterflies. So there it was! I focused more on the butterfly, since I never 'draw' on a face for make up before. I just did the make up like usual, using green eyeshadow on her lids (Elianto I think, cuz my eyeshadows are mostly from Elianto or Sera) and that was it. Line her eyes thinly with liquid eyeliner. Then I started to draw! The fun part actually, hehe.

make up tutorial butterfly fantasy make up
I used the same darker green eyeshadow on the upper part, a green, glittery highlight on the middle (to pop the butterfly's colour) and dark purple from Sera (Sera 1 Borneo, KK). I drew the butterfly first before filling it with colours. Pretty easy actually, but it's hard to make the line's thickness the same, as when I exert more pressure or lesser, it becomes thicker or non at all and it won't look nice if you look closer la. Hehe. Then I added some green glitter (Sera, Rm7 each. Available in gold, green, white, blue,black, you name it). If I wana do this again, I would ready a black eyeshadow with a really thin brush to cover any over-the-line eyeshadow that might go over the black line of the butterfly. Doesn't look nice with the eyeshadows crossing the eyeliner, the eyeliner picks up the colour!

I thought this was stage make up, but my teacher said since the butterfly's not connected to the eye, it's fantasy. Boy was I disappointed. NOT! I know I did great! Hehehe..

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