Monday, June 8, 2009

Homemade Scrub / Mask
homemade scrub mask

I have this routine I do whenever I feel like it or when I think my face and body needs some scrubbing. I would take mix organic sugar cane, Milelia Organic Soy Milk and and organic honey taken from the borneo forest. It' really expensive this one, RM40+, make it Rm50 la. The sugar, my mom bought it for...RM20 if I'm not mistaken and the soy milk is RM15 (member price). In this one I mixed organic rolled oats too, it's good for normal skin. Well mine's not really normal, it's normal-blemish at the moment I did this mask/scrub.

This routine is very fun cuz I just grab anything I can find in the kitchen when I want to do it. There's bananas, avocados, carrots, apples, cucumbers, papaya, yoghurt, and you can mix them with sugar, chocolate (I heard this is very good to stay youthful- make it a mask, use the eating one, not for cooking), sunflowers seeds, many more~! And for those who lives out of Malaysia where you can get fresh fruits at cheap prices, you're one lucky person!

homemade scrub mask
So I would just simply mix them, no hot water, because if you mix it with warm water/hot, the sugar will dissolve and I don't want that, I want the sugar to be the scrubb, the "grains", you know?

So in the bathroom I just slather them on and rub them in circular motions, starting from my face and down to my body. Everything is circular, that's more effective than just rub it back and forh. If you feel the sugar's too much and thus causing pain, add more milk or just the tap water to make it less concentrate.

I leave them on as long as I want, you know, read magazines, do some foot scrub (not with the homemade scrub aa), waiting my hair conditioner to seep in or just exercise and dance in the bathroom. There's lot of things to do while waiting~! xD Not embarrased to tell you this, true what. Everything needs to be done and if you're not smart, you'll fall behind.

Den after that just simply wash your face and body with tepid water. Avoid hot water if you already have a dry skin ya. =) From my experience, honey gives you that fresh and clean feeling but still has that moisture content on your skin when you touch it. Oats gives you that moisture balance, I like it too. Lemon's great when treating blemished or pimple-prone skin. Happy trying~!

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