Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Version of Paris Hilton EDT for Women review~!
review Paris Hilton EDT for Women
Here's a review on the Version of Paris Hilton that I bought at the My Career Education & Entrepreneur Fair 2009!

The bottle is pretty cathy and will attract young girls to buy it, fuchsia colour with a twisting cap on top of it. It's really portable as it's smaller than my palm, I bring it anywhere I go in my bag~! It's at RM17.60 at the exhibition, n/p is RM20++ like that la.

review Paris Hilton EDT for Women
The scent is nice, fuity and invigorating. Lifts up your spirit and freshens you up and I'm sure it will make your day a cheerie one! Too bad it doesn't last long (since it's a copy version of Paris Hilton, that's why). It lasts for an hour the most, and after that the scent is still there, but you have to actually smell your skin to smell it and it will fade away as time ticks.

review Paris Hilton EDT for Women
Here's the back part of it. The ingredients are SD Alcohol 40 (caution, can't use for praying for Muslimah's), Fragrance, water.

My rating is 7/10 as it's reasonable to it's price. It's a fair one, I'm only disappointed in it's ability to stay on for such a short time. =)

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