Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tresemme's in Guardian, Warisan Square! (Finally!)
tresemme at guardian warisan square kota kinabalu sabah
I have been looking all the nooks and crooks of anywhere I go for Tresemme since I last finished my last bottle of it. I used The Anti-Sponge range before and it worked miracles~! My hair felt and looked different after that. It became softer, heavier (the type like, your hair has The 'Weight', you know what I mean?) and silkier! I loved it straight up till now~!

The one I bought here is Tresemme Salon Silk, it replenishes & smoothes, resulting in soft, shiny and manageable hair! I couldn't find the Anti-Sponge shampoo (darn it!), Salon Silk was all Guardian has. Ohya did I mention I looked on every shop I pass on to look for this? Damai doesn't have it, Likas no, Centre Point's Watson was negative too (conditioners only) and THANK GOD, the shampoo's are all there in Guardian, Warisan Square!

FYI, my hair itched and became dry when I used Sunsilk when my Tresemme ran out! It became really dry after rinsing and itchy after that, for DAYS! I don't know why but I never experience that before I used Tresemme religiously (I used Pantene, Sunsilk, Palmolive, you name it). And I found a small rock of scalp (I know, OMG) some time after. It really hit me, I would never EVER use any other products than my Tresemme ever again! No!

Although I use the Tresemme for shampooing and conditioning, I use Loreal's for my serum and leave on moisturizer. =) I like how it feels after application, I don't mind using different brands, as long as I like what I'm seeing. =)

This baby here moisturizes and protects, I guess that's okay la. It has a low level os Sodium Laureth Sulfate in it and has Hydrolized Keratin and Sweet Almond Oil as the main ingredients!

"Professional performance formula adds moisture to nourish and calm hair for frizz-free results. Fortified (wow like baby powder milk they sound)with vitamin H & almond, it gently cleanses to smooth and soften hair whilst enhancing shine and improving manageability".

I bought it for RM16.88 and if you want it too, better get it FAST cuz I bought the last fourth one I think. =)

Shine on,


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