Monday, April 13, 2009

Susan Boyle Left Simon Cowell Speechless in Britains Got Talent 2009
Here's a video where she left everybody went from "ugggh" to "wohoooooooo!" like mad. Seriously mad. She's 47 years old and she really has that opera voice, really nice and will take you to dreamland~! Everybody was soooooo like, I don't know, SPEECHLESS~! Yeah~! And surprised~!

susan boyle stunned britains got talent 2009
And here's the sweet Connie Talbot,6 years old, who sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. My, her voice is soooo pure, so innocent, so soft and fragile. And she sang like a songstress under the my, breathtaking~!

Here's a really insulting comment from Simon to one of the contestants of the show. How can he say such thing? What would he say if he was said he's a girl dressed like a boy? Not a man ya, a BOY? Have some heart la Simon. That's just too rude man. I know you're freking damn rich than thousands of the people that walk in the room but please respect them at least la.

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