Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PC Fair 2009 Report~!
I went to the PC Fair in Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu on Sunday and man, was it really crowded that place~! Sudah la got pilaks there berpeleseran, tambah lagi the fair, it was like, I was shoulder-to-shoulder with people! And more people stand beside the fair area, watching the stuff on display, annoyed me! Hello, you wana buy just buy la aiyoo~

Okay the fair offered a lot of laptops (HP, Acer) on RM1,500 average. HP's counter was the biggest and looked more professional than the others- ladies looking like a hotel receptionist and make up, of course. Mouse (RM15 average), Keyboard protector (RM5), pendrives (mostly Kingston, I saw 4G one is only RM29, last time I bought the same thing in 1 Borneo, it was RM39! Can you believe it?), laptop skins, mp3 modulator, mp4's, cameras, small cute fans (RM15), headphones (raging from RM15 to RM80+, depend on the sound and structure of it), webcams (from RM30+ to RM150+), earphones and a lot more~!! It would be a waste to not to come on such a golden opportunity~!

I bought headphones, a webcam, keyboard protector and a USB hub. It The webcam was on promotional price (new in the store, so they offer introductory price) which was RM29 like that, n/p was RM78 like that. They said it was made in Taiwan, but when I got back home, it was written there, "made in China". Oh well what to do. The webcam has a 1 year warranty, so I guess it's okay.

I'll review the stuff when I have the time ya~! Chow~!

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