Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kim Kardashion Got a Tattoo!

I think it's really nice but hey, what if you don't like it after some time in the future? Surely it will cost a fortune (maybe more than what you paid for it) and it may not be as 'clean' as your skin before you had it.

According to Anything Hollywood, Kim got herself a really pretty sort of tatto- flowers getting smaller as it gets to her neck from her arm. I think that's really good. The silver balls makes it nicer, it looks like some crayon-work but the colour's beautiful.

I heard from my friends that if you wana make sure you go to a professional one, get somebody who's really bad in cost-saving- won't reuse their colours that was for previous customer and make sure they sterilize their tools before they 'poke' into your skins. Tatto gets blood comin' out right? So the risk of cross-infection is really high man.


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