Saturday, March 7, 2009

Upcoming Events in UMS!
I saw banners on something goin on in UMS on the lamp posts recently and I went to check on it on their website. Lucky I checked! =)

Pameran Pendidikan UMS will be held on 7th (today) and 8th March 09. It's about explaining every courses on every levels, so if you're interested in learning in UMS and wana know about their courses, head off to Karamunsing between 9am-5pm!

Next is Pesta Buku IPTA UMS on 16-18 March 09! Some of the activities..
  1. Pameran dan jualan buku penerbit-penerbit IPTA

  2. Pelancaran buku terbitan UMS 2008-2009

  3. Anugerah Penulis Terbaik UMS 2008

And the most interesting part of all, it's the Japanese Cultural Week! There will be workshops for each day like Ikebana (10th), Sa-dou (11th), Sushi Making Workshop (12th), Origami Workshop (14th), Japanese Film Event (Free movies people!), Japanese Cultural Night (14th March, bus provided, free admission for night event in the Dataran Dewan Canselor!) and exhibition will be held from 10th till 13th, 10am-4pm!

The workshop fee is affordable, really. Each is RM6, RM8 and RM3. Cheap right? I wana go! I'm goin! You?

Cosplay on 14th March.


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