Sweet Daily: Poppy Seed Cheese, Coco Man, Coconut Man Review!

March 22, 2009

sweet daily review food poppy seed cheese coco man coconut man

Yesterday I bought the Men of Sweet Daily! (Poppy Seed Cheese, Coco Man and Coconut Man) The Poppy Seed Cheese and Coconut Man is hard to extinguish which one is which one tho, although both of them look the same and tastes just the same, a bit difference only which is the cheese, it makes the Man to be a bit more cheesy, you know what I mean?

The Coco Man on the other hand, is really chocolatey minus the sweetness you find on the usual chocolate that you drink or eat.

sweet daily review food poppy seed cheese coco man coconut man
And what I love about Sweet Daily is that they use paper bags instead of the pollution-maker, plastic! Great~! Support the environment, save mother earth!

I give a 5/10 for Coco Man (I don't really like a bitter cookie) and 8/10 for the other two~! Cuz they really taste alike. As for the Coco Man, I suggest maybe they can add stuff to make it sweet, like choc chips or walnuts, you know?

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