Saturday, March 28, 2009

Support Earth Hour!

Today is Earth Hour Day! Just now, when I off my lights in the house and I saw my neighbours did the same, I felt like we are together you know, like in a group, like a sense of belonging to each other. We are in the same path, the same mission to save the earth. I think this event is really effective, not just in preserving our earth but to also bonds relationships between your neighbours! Don't you think so? If everybody in Malaysia does the same, that would save a real lot of electricity and that amount will multiple when everybody in the whole wide world does it!

Here's a facebook Earth Hour Fan Profile. I have followed, you?

Theres a youtube account for it too! You can subscribe for it's upcoming videos! =D is supporting it too! They were at IKEA, Mutiara Damansara, PetalingJaya on for that event!

Speaking of, to all David Arculeta's fans in Malaysia, load up your phones and start sing your way to his showcase for the whole of next week!


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