Thursday, March 5, 2009

Skinfood Lime Secret Shine Base review
review skinfood lime secret shine base

Hello people! I got this sample of Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base when I went shopping there in 1 Borneo, KK. I decided to try it out when I was out and I have to say 100% noooo! This base makes my face look shiy! Like, shimmering-like. Was so not cool.. Like it was a liquid highlighter really.

review skinfood lime secret shine base
It’s texture is okay, felt no greasy after application. Felt nothing, only that you’ll remember that you have a make up base on when you see your face highlighted in the mirror. You only need a little as this product ‘stretches’ a lot (I mean stretch by when u swipe it across your skin – how far can it cover with one application). I don't know if it gives the SPF we all need so much..

Product info at the back (I think this covers all the product lines):
Special food for the skin to eat (can skin really eat??). Contains lots of nutritive and energetic ingredients such as Fresh plants (what plants? And mind you, their ingredients are so SECRET that they don’t show it on the sample’s back, how do we know whether it’s the GOOD ingredients??), fruits and etc (etc like chemicals?) to maintain our bodies healthy and lively. (yeah right)

Then there’s the product’s description:
Make-up base with lime extracts to protect skin, gold satin pearls to smooth skin and secret gold pearls (we know it’s gold stuff alright, no SECRET anymore) to give highlight to the skin (so this is the guilty ingredient for that shininess!) Use it everywhere for natural-looking luminosity (No I won’t, thank you).

For this product, I don’t know how safe it is (since their ingredients are so SECRET), so no comment on the ingredients.

review skinfood lime secret shine base
Here's how I applied. I'm a simple person, I don't have time to take my make up brushes to apply as I have to rush to make everything quick and save time. What's the altenative? Nature's own- your own fingers! I dotted all fours on my face and blended quickly with the base.

On the good side, I would recommend this product for those who are looking for an exotic look. Think of jungle- dark, brownish, highlighted facial features with leopard prints. Or just the normal jungle girl with leather clothing and some feather accessories with that LUMINOSITY on her face, I think that would suit that look nice, but for daily outings, no.

Hey another one look just popped out, think of the beach- dry, white sand with green-blue ocean water. Olive, dark green, straight palm leaves with red-pinkish flowers everywhere. And there’s the model with a bikini and thong, by the seawater, posing. She’s all wet, hair smushed to her shoulder and of course, that make up base. That’s nice I guess. I think la. =)


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