Monday, March 9, 2009

Heaven in Bedroom!
I got this letter from Tracy Poter about making your sleep oh-so-nice~!

Well not really your sleep, your mind in relaxation, the atmosphere of the room that can make you really fell at home. I mean REALLY feel at home.

Reading this paragraph gives me the imagination (AND the feeling itself) already! Feel of peace of mind and loving the place a LOT!

"We learned long ago that if you surround yourself with absolute loveliness… you will be all the better for it. A dreamy bedroom nest has to have it all… for reading and writing… notes for writing… books and magazines for reading. Candles, lotions, and potions for ambience… maybe a little bowl of posies perhaps."

Here's a list of their favorite reveries:

* Lofty bedding and a luxurious throw blanket for weekend napping (and lots of fluffy duck feather pillows!)

* Stacks of books and magazines just waiting to be opened (i prefer a novel, where i can indulge myself and hava a cup of hot cocoa on my bed..whoaaaaaaa~ heaven!)

* Candlelight and a soft lamp… so warm and inviting (omg, so romantic! They're just so brilliant!)

* Paper and pretty pencils… notes and journals… stamps and labels

* Ice cream and television, black & white movies, a beautiful CD (no electronics in the bedroom, radiation alert!)

* A basket filled with lotions and potions (oh yeah this will be nice..)

* Pretty lounge pants… and a relaxed spirit…

I think these suggestions will make people feel relaxed, easier to sleep, feeling rainbow in their hearts (don't know if you guys get me or not) and certainly you'll wake up feeling cheerie and bright and eager to face the day!


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