Monday, March 9, 2009

Green Videos!
Just something I wana share with you all here..I woke up, played Q-World and check my inbox at the same time. I saw this newsletter on going green by Going Green. It's on telling people to go green- hybrid car and pollution caused by smoke from cars. The Garden Of Eating video was really eye opening. I never knew there were plants all around the White House before! And my, from lush, green, fruits to chefs and lorries filled with processed food transported miles away..

Here's another - link to more videos (link removed due to video deleted - 1 Feb 2018). The Recycle Dude and the Compost Kid MN&E video was funny, those guys are good in making the video man.

And there's this video after it that kids would understand even more on what is recycle, reuse and reduce in the Sesame Street - Mayonnaise jars video.


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