Avene Great Savings!

March 15, 2009

I just got an sms from Avene recently and it's about the discounts!

Avene Thermal Spring Water 50 ml Twinpack for only RM29 (save RM9!) This product is one of the best sellers too!

Lip Balm Twinpack (Save RM15 man!). There's a study on the lip balm's effectiveness to remain up to 8 hours (clinically)! Gee they sure do tests before selling it out!

And what's more, it's called Cold Cream Lip Balm (the sms didn' mention the "Cold Cream" term). Cold Cream turns out to be meant for dry skin. But for lip balm, there's only one of it.

More great offers and discounts at Avene counter!

That's the last of the sms. Well 1st, I don't know it it covers the counters only or the drugstores and shops that sells Avene products. Maybe not.

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