Friday, March 13, 2009

Angelina Jolie beats Brad Pitt

I read a newsletter from saying that our Tomb Raider girl had a row with a nanny and her hubby due to Brad rubbing the nanny's back. (well a lil bit of weird here isn't it? Unless she's 80 years old and had nurtured Brad all of her life -diff story)

"What makes this all the more shameful is that Angie reportedly used Brad’s own ballsack to slap him in the face. “Keeping his nuts on my person with his spine and what’s left of his free will really comes in handy during an argument,” she’s quoted as saying."

Well...she even did this- "The explosive argument woke up the sleeping twins, who began to cry. As Brad tried to console both the twins and the nanny, Angie just snapped — and slapped! — hitting him right across the face."

Whoa. Dear Angie, we love you but you gotta watch your temper girl. I know, i would've be mad too if I were you, but please, not until the children wakes up and cries and never scream at your husband like that la. Not cool.

And by the way, I never seen her looking so old like the picture above. Really, before her pictures were all perfect - hse never gets old, but then when I saw this one...wrinkles all over her face man. She needs a lot of facial massages to firm up her muscles and skin care (good ones).

And here's another one! Mandy Moore is married to Ryan Adams! They got married just after a month of announcing their engagement. The small, simple ceremony was in Savannah, Georgia, on Tuesday (10th March 2009).

Mandy's 24 and Ryan's 34. Wow 10 years difference. Congratulations you guys! Happy for both of you two! And please don't be like the couple above...feeling sorry for Brad now. Maybe that's how matured women behave huh? With all the wrinkles and stress caused by it.


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