Sunday, February 22, 2009

Soft Toys on Promotion in Popular!
Recently I went to Popular, City Mall to buy a book for my mother. Well I was at the Health section and decided to check out the pen’s side to buy some pens, better just buy now than buying some other time later for just a pen. So I went, but I didn’t found the pen that I wanted. What to do, usually the branch in Centre Point has it. Ah well.

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
And suddenly I saw some toys over the counter near the cards section~! There were cows in fiery red and soft pink color! There is a pink heart on each of the heart side of the cows. Their eyes are all well-put, not like those stuffed toys you find, eyes not properly adjusted, some like juling suda you see. And they are cute!

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
Wait, there is more! There are handphone holders! In stuffed toy form! There are cute ladybugs, rabbits, hamster (I think la) and turtles! The place to put your handphone in would be on their backs~! And each of them is priced at RM9.88 only (this includes the cows), before was RM11.85! All of the toys are soft, bouncy and with plushy furs!

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
I bought the ‘Hamster’ toy!

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
I like the paw-prints at it’s back, so cute la! I liked it’s eyes too, it’s not made by sewing, it’s the plastic type-shiny! Armed with his cute little four paws, who wouldn’t buy it??

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
It's fur is soft, plushy and you bet you have to take care of it real nice. This is how it looks like. And..

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
If you swipe the fur on the other direction, it becomes like this. So now you know how the fur's texture is.

But one thing I don’t like, there’s this grainy feeling at it’s belly. Like the manufacturer, Metoo, put some round, small stuff inside right there during manufacturing. I think to make customers feel like it’s their poops? I don’t know but I don’t like it man. I just realized it when I went back home and felt and studied it more.

Anyhuuuuu, it was worth it! Nevermind the ‘poop’! xD


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