Monday, February 2, 2009

Sexual Harrassment, Nasi Goreng Kampung from Artos Review~!
Well, i got your attention eh? Hehe, it's actually not physically, but as in, vision-wise. I was at Esso (a gas station) at the road where City Mall is (the gas station is further up from Lintas there).

shocking display butt in public

This guy came and stopped where the gas pump for tyre was. Lemme tell ya, when i saw him, the 1st thing my eyes saw was the lines of his butt. He's a chinese. I was sooooooo shocked~! Cuz he was facing his back on me, so i can see his pants all (seriously) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY down to his thigh (kalah-kalah tu penyanyi hip hop ba). His hair like, all spiked up and very white. Haih, apa la mau jadi sama ni orang sekarang. As we modernize, we go back to ancient times- clothes that are less is IN. Crazy o wat??

Okay enuf bout dat. I wana share a dish with you guys at Artos, Damai. I ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung (Village Fried Rice?? Ngam ka dat? XD). Well i must say...IT's SOOOOOOOOOO not worth it~! Not worth my money and my precious time on waiting for 10 min for it~! Haiya memang i menyesaaaaaaaal betul...lucky they use some sort of sambal (a paste) on it. The taste's like..nasi goreng kampung la, but spicier than i can endure (fuiyo perkataan tu..). The rice is rich with the paste la, like heavy. And got 30% more oil (cooking oil).

review food nasi goreng kampung kampung style fried rice

I asked for a no-veggie. And yes, the rice didn't have veggie. And the thought of having prawns, chicken and such in was soooooo wrong~! (it's RM5++ you know) The rice then is only filled up with slices of cheap sausages, small sticks of carrots and chillie. Well i never~ Geez~! Not worth it seriously. I give it 4/10~! And by the time i was finished, i was sweating like hell. (i'm not a hot person. If you know what i mean..)

review food nasi goreng kampung kampung style fried rice
here's a close up. Slices of sausages only, not much.


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