Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yin Yin Facial
Yesterday i went for a facial (again) at Yin Yin (Palm Square)to get my face back in the form before i went in Rozsall -think smooth, pimple-free skin. The product they used, is Herbaline. As i studied in Rozsall, my face went from baby's skin to blemished, pimple-prone skin (including the neck area on the sides even). Not THAT bad, but i noticed the changes. I missed my facial routine only once and i got so bad already. Due to hormonal imbalances also, i think. Cuz ever since i stepped into Rozsall, i got my 1st headache, my 1st irregular period and sky-high stress.

1st i made my appointment a day before (I think, my mom made the call). The number is 088-251766 . I arrived 7 minutes early (my appointment was at 3pm, arrived at 2.53). So i was asked to wait. The lounge area was all white, with a hint of leafy green and 1 set of soft, plush couches. The receptionist gave me a herbal tea (tasted the same as before;tea-sweet-like, only lesser sugar than i expected it to be).

Then i was escorted inside, told to put my sandals on a basket (a big one, may fit shoes for excercise sort even) and dip my feet on warm water (in a really nice clay bowl, filled with salt-don't know what kind). Dry my feet and smell this aroma like ginger and went straight to my treatment room.

review herbaline yin yin kota kinabalu sabah

Here's the room. It's not really spacious, which is still acceptable, since i was only doing facial. The room has a cloth-door. They use cloth (like the retractable ones you find in fashion boutiques) to separate the room with the outside world. And the room has this "wall" barely reaching the ceiling, only 1-2 foot away. Don't know why, maybe for the customers to hear the balinese/javanese musical played throughout the whole entire space.

I got Michelle. Never got her before, but she was really, really, really (i had to emphasis that) good in extracting (poking and pressing out pimples). I think she scanned every milimeter of my face with the bright light over me. Why did I said she's a good extractor? She did extraction while doing steaming on me (heating water up and channel the vapour onto the skin to open up pores, extract toxins and stimulate blood circulation). She's another good one, besides Shauma. I had done a review of Yin Yin in my facebook here. It covers more on Herbaline, the product brand that Yin Yin sells and a little update on the Centre Point's branch.

And i learned that the mask that was used on me (all this while since i started taking up facial there) was for removing toxins, blackheads and whiteheads~! How nice~! And true, my face gone from quite 'sandy' (embarrass me) to smooth, soft skin~!

I took the usual treatment because i had to rush and no time to take any extra treatment. It was 1 hour and 38 minutes. And i got some little tiny red dots on the places that Michelle extracted on, which I already knew, since she took long time on extraction. =P

Oh and, she said that there's a promo on 3 treatments= RM80 only. So cheap~! I don't know until when but she said it will still be on till next month. I know got Bio Light (hasten your cell generation, make your skin supple and nourished) and Diamond Peel (remove dead skin cells). Another i forgot..but it's really worth it since each treatment like that costs RM70++. And not to mention facial, it would be RM48+RM80= RM128. No need telling me, I'm up for it next month~!


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