Amway Exhibition in 1 Borneo, KK.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

amway exhibition 1 b 1 borneo kota kinabalu sabah
Picture courtesy of Amway.

I was at Likas just now and happened to pass by a banner (on one of the lamp post) saying that there will be Amway at the Ballroom section in 1 Borneo on 22 Feb 2009~! It would fall on the day of..Sunday~! A week and 4 days to go~! I was so excited as I know Amway is like Cosway, Mayfirst, Tupperware or even Avon - direct selling. Oh and the time would be on 10am till 6pm~! Whoa all day~!

I went through their website and found really interesting thing to share. They sell everything to electrical goods, health products, make up and even skin care~! They even have promotion on ironing board, cordless phone and storage containers.

So people from KK, come on board and see upclose and personla with Amway on 22nd Febuary 09~! It's on Sunday, even I, the girl who needs to study 9am-5pm for 6 days a week find it real interesting~!

Shine on,

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