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Balancing between personal and business, I presently work as an Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of a multinational consortium right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Backed with years of experience working with the startup industry, multinational corporations and government agencies, I developed strong Corporate Administration skills whilst practising agile and being data-driven.

Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

Glamiva is the place for me to express my passion and knowledge sharing and I’m happy to spread message of positivity to as many people as possible.


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Recent Posts

Tune Store Spring Sale and Nail Art!

It's now on! I just got an sms from Tune Store today, it's gonna be from 28 Feb 09(today) till 5th April 09! It's only 1 month ++! Enjoy great discounts and special prices at Household Fair, 1st floor. Don't miss it!

Well i had been doing nail arts since monday till thursday. So i decide to show you all my work.. =) enjoy! For those of you who doesn't know where it is, it's in 1 Borneo! The right side of it from the main entrance!

tune store spring sale 2009 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
This was my 1st work in nail art (gosh!). I didn't add that black thingy, all was white before, Ms Mary (the lecturer for the course, assisted by her apprentices) added the others. She said it would be nicer. We just used nail colour and stickers for this session.

tune store spring sale 2009 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
The next day, we did a batik theme in the morning. With purple colour with various tones. We used the thin, small brush and the two-sided brush (big and small dots).

tune store spring sale 2009 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
This is Sakura theme (well this wasn't a sakura -Diana & Denise said, more like morning glory. But it's nice still) I like the colours used!

This is one of my fav too! The Bamboo theme! I used the brush and two-sided stick with green, yellow, white and some glitters on the leaves of the bamboo tree.

tune store spring sale 2009 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
Next was the last task, do anything we liked and i did a 5 different work (5 nails only, didn't have time) on my friend's hand. This one was a Boy and Girl in Love. I did it with the two-sided stick and some glitter.

tune store spring sale 2009 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
Then i did this, Love is in The Air. I used a heart sticker and placed small dots with small, thin strokes (yellow lines).

tune store spring sale 2009 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
After that is this. I drew mountains and grass with small red and green dots at the base to make it nicer. I put a star sticker at the upper left of the nail for the Sun.

tune store spring sale 2009 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
This one I used small yellow dots with one bling in the middle. Then i lined small row of gold beads at the free edge and some glitter on top of the nail.

tune store spring sale 2009 1 b kota kinabalu sabah
Last but not least, was Bang! ! I call it bang because my model said it looked like this balloon that pops and out come all the stars and glitters! (if you see it from the base of the nail as the bottom).

Jobs Placement Day

Well yesterday tiba-tiba kena panggil to the Lecture Room and got meeting with puan and ms Eliania and all the SLDN's and seniors. There's gona be a Jobs Placement Day on 28 Feb 2009 (this Saturday!), 8am till 5pm at Wisma Perkeso, no. 11 Jalan Sempelang, 88100 Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I have no idea what is it about and heard from mouths there in the academy that job seekers (note: degree holders, people from universities they said) are gonna be there and look for a job. Huh?

In the flyer, there will be some activities:
1. Registration online at http://jobsmalaysia.gov.my/
2. Walk-in interviews.
3. Training opportunities for skills enhancement.
4. Client's Day for departments and agencies under Ministry of Human Resources in Sabah.

I don't get it. The activities. This puan she just simply can say this and that and tell us to do stuff suddenly. So what about my class on that saturday? Geez. I was told to do nail art with Yvonne (as the leader of the team), Denise and Zurianti. Sounds like a whole lot of chaos..got so many rooms, make up room even (make up service will be available that day) and spa. Have no idea whoever gonna have spa there.

Then it seems like on this Sunday is an open day in Rozsall. There will be facial service, cost RM10 each. They will be doing machines.

My Career Education & Entrepreneur Fair 2009

my career education and entrepreneur fair 2009
I went to the My Career Education & Entrepreneur Fair 2009 yesterday at Sabah Trade Centre, Likas. There were some booths with business-like aura and booths with trading aura~! I loved the trading booths as they sold food and drinks~! =) Up here is the Nutrition Club, it's a health drink made by professionals-doctors I think. And it's true, you'll lose weight, thin becomes normally balanced body weight, beautiful skin and you'll feel 10 years younger! I drink this too! 1 drink is RM10 for that day, if usual one, at Bukit Padang there (which opens in the early morning and late afternoon), is RM12 per each drink. You can buy the "milk" powders too, it's really tasty!

my career education and entrepreneur fair 2009
There was a booth selling some soaps and perfumes and all too! Some the local delicacies like kuih cincin, kuih sapit, kuih lidah, kuih..err...don't know their names, but there were a lot of them!

my career education and entrepreneur fair 2009
Here are the stuff I bought. A Version of Paris Hilton (yes, her perfume, a copy of it's scent) in 15ml for only RM17.60 (before was RM22). Well, 1st, I don't want to spend a fortune on perfumes, so sue me for I don't have enough money to buy a RM300 worth of perfume. =) I like the scent, though, it was the one that made me try all of the other perfumes, but alas it was it still.

my career education and entrepreneur fair 2009
Next was an Ostrich Oil! Yeah, you heard me, OSTRICH! Burung Unta, y'know? It's used mainly for the body, like if you have muscle problems- muscle pain, muscle ache, muscle-anything la. Or if you feel cold, you just rub it on the area and you'll feel warm again (this baby is heaty! This was why I bought it really). It was sold for RM9! Saw the bottle and it was stated to be sold the same price- RM9 for both East and West Malaysia.

my career education and entrepreneur fair 2009
Next up are these two darlings- YOU GOTTA TRY IT! It's soooooo delicious! It's the Coconut Jam! Yes, jam! Like peanut butter and jam that! Really, for real! Not kiddin ya! It has this UMMMPPPHH factor and my, would be great to be your bread spread or just a dip for any of your crackers in the morning, tea or anytime! It was on 3 for RM10!

my career education and entrepreneur fair 2009
Here is a Virgin Coconut Oil! Made from the same booth (and here's why she's my no. 1 favourite now!). It was processed bio..something (told to be the best way to extract the oil, not by any other means) and it's good to be used both internally and on the outside. You can take it 3 times a day, 1 tablespoon each time. Anytime you want. You can use it for your hair, your skin, your teeth even, your legs, your nails, anything that needs moisturization, you put it! There are 100 benefits you can get from this natural source and moisturizing and healing are some of them. But i gotta tell ya, it tastes like...well, oil! But there was this santan smell, shows it's really 100% organic!

my career education and entrepreneur fair 2009
Next are these, keropok..udang kering (as i call it)! It's just like the popia (small ones), only that this one they put the inti inside and put it into a knot. Prefer this one than popia type. This one was real nice, it's udang kering's taste and smell is 100% satisfactory! And no headache, I got it at RM5 per 2! Apa lagi, beli 4 ba! =) There were the seaweeds too, in chicken and original flavour. I prefered the chicken flavour. =)

my career education and entrepreneur fair 2009
Last but not least, are the snacks i bought! These are...i don't know what they're called. The one on the left is the spicy one, with peanuts and ikan bilis (real tasty too, tasted their samples!) and on the right is the keropok labu! (yes, labu!) And you can never guess that it can be soooo delicious! Just like how the prawn crackers (the big, white one with red stripes at the ridges)! Really! Each was sold at RM2 each. There were also some kuih lidah I bought, but already finish.. =P

By the way, i didn't get to go to the Amway Exhibition in 1 Borneo, KK. beacuse there wasn't enough time! I went out after the rain stopped, so by the time i reached Sabah Trade Centre, it was already like, 3pm like that.. =(

Soft Toys on Promotion in Popular!

Recently I went to Popular, City Mall to buy a book for my mother. Well I was at the Health section and decided to check out the pen’s side to buy some pens, better just buy now than buying some other time later for just a pen. So I went, but I didn’t found the pen that I wanted. What to do, usually the branch in Centre Point has it. Ah well.

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
And suddenly I saw some toys over the counter near the cards section~! There were cows in fiery red and soft pink color! There is a pink heart on each of the heart side of the cows. Their eyes are all well-put, not like those stuffed toys you find, eyes not properly adjusted, some like juling suda you see. And they are cute!

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
Wait, there is more! There are handphone holders! In stuffed toy form! There are cute ladybugs, rabbits, hamster (I think la) and turtles! The place to put your handphone in would be on their backs~! And each of them is priced at RM9.88 only (this includes the cows), before was RM11.85! All of the toys are soft, bouncy and with plushy furs!

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
I bought the ‘Hamster’ toy!

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
I like the paw-prints at it’s back, so cute la! I liked it’s eyes too, it’s not made by sewing, it’s the plastic type-shiny! Armed with his cute little four paws, who wouldn’t buy it??

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
It's fur is soft, plushy and you bet you have to take care of it real nice. This is how it looks like. And..

popular bookstore kota kinabalu sabah promotion
If you swipe the fur on the other direction, it becomes like this. So now you know how the fur's texture is.

But one thing I don’t like, there’s this grainy feeling at it’s belly. Like the manufacturer, Metoo, put some round, small stuff inside right there during manufacturing. I think to make customers feel like it’s their poops? I don’t know but I don’t like it man. I just realized it when I went back home and felt and studied it more.

Anyhuuuuu, it was worth it! Nevermind the ‘poop’! xD

Hayden Clashes with Milo???

I just went on to softfeminine and..oh my, the "Heroes" co-stars, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia have broken up~!

"Hayden had tried to break up with Milo many times since Christmas, but he wouldn't accept it.Finally, she put her foot down last week when he confronted her about hooking up with another guy at a club. She told Milo they weren't a couple any longer and she could see whomever she wanted. When Hayden didn't call Milo on Valentine's Day he got the message finally. He is so in love with her it's hard for him to accept."

Poor guy..not on anybody's side, but this is a sad news man. Here's more. The couple's 12-year age gap is said to be at the root of their problems.

"It was a lifestyle conflict. They were in very different places. They are still on friendly terms. There are no hard feelings.Hayden is young. She likes to go out in the Hollywood scene and that's not Milo's style. He has been concentrating on work on his production company Divide Pictures."

Guess it makes it all clear...really hard to get together if your age difference is too big. But as for Que Haidar and Linda Jasmine's love story, they are 7 years difference and they got wed recently on Valentine's Day! (aww so sweet!!). Hope you both lasts till the end~! =) Congrats~!

hayden panettiere split with milo ventimiglia

La Manila, Warisan Square review

Recently I went to La Manila, Warisan Square. For the first time, yes. It’s next to Fish & Co. Thinking of getting something other than western and Starbucks or yogurt (Yogurberry), my guy saw the shop and stopped abruptly when he saw the menu (Chicken Rice got his attention).

So in we went and sat there. Well the welcome was okay, the waiter said “hello” with a smile. Well the seating arrangement there isn’t my type. Too open and no privacy for &0% of them, because there are those bench types- at the side of the wall (like in Pizza Hut, with shields) and those like open-air seats. A square table with 4 seats filled up the extra space. Lucky we got the middle bench.

The waiter who greeted us gave us the menu. Well…I must say it’s okay, a mere RM8.90 (before tax) for each dish. It’s like Old Town, sell chicken rice, mee soup with fish, fried mee and the drinks- juices and soft drinks (acceptable).

review food place la manila warisan square kota kinabalu sabah
I ordered the Penang Fried Kway Teow. My guy ordered his Chicken Rice. Well we had like, 15-20 minutes of waiting then it came. Only the Chicken Rice. That time there were only us both and a couple, too. Then only after 5 minutes my order came.

review food place la manila warisan square kota kinabalu sabah
Our drinks- GOD, took them so long to take. We only ordered orange juices and it took them more than the time it would take (for me la, say 5 minutes?). It was freshly squeezed- WITH little orange and you CAN taste the artificial sweet~!

review food place la manila warisan square kota kinabalu sabah

My fried kway teow was delicious. I had options beforehand- spicy or not spicy. I chose not spicy (I’m not a HOT person aite). When I tasted it, my god. Wish I asked for spicy one. NO spice at all! Nothing~! It was like, not Penang’s~! Just plain fired kway teow! But lucky the dish was delicious. Not much of oil, I would say 3% more of the acceptable amount (after I was done with it, there was some residue of the oil on the plate). The mee was with prawns (like 2 of them?) and scrambled eggs (note: scrambled) all over it.

The dish was served on a square-cut banana leaf on a white porcelain plate. The spoon and fork was laid on the table with tissues (think of Yoyo’s tissue style- upright). Cleanliness, I would say A. Didn’t see any dirtiness there. Well I don’t know about the indoors (kitchen?)..

The Chicken Rice was awesome, sweet but not THAT sweet. Had gravy but no veggies. Sorry I didn’t take it’s photo.

Overall, I wouldn’t want to go there but for Penang Fried Kway Teow. If I want some chicken rice, I would go to the Chicken Rice Shop. Too bad there’s no Wantan Ho there.

BUT, the downside is, when we wanted to pay, nobody saw us looking around, searching for somebody who might see us. EVERYBODY was busy with their handphones and looking down~! Even the girl at the counter~! She was looking outside (don’t know what the heck she was looking at) and lucky she turned and saw us calling her. Geez! The guy who greeted us was sitting on a stool (worse- at the entrance. What an impression), smsING. Well I never..

Amway Exhibition in 1 Borneo, KK.

amway exhibition 1 b 1 borneo kota kinabalu sabah
Picture courtesy of Amway.

I was at Likas just now and happened to pass by a banner (on one of the lamp post) saying that there will be Amway at the Ballroom section in 1 Borneo on 22 Feb 2009~! It would fall on the day of..Sunday~! A week and 4 days to go~! I was so excited as I know Amway is like Cosway, Mayfirst, Tupperware or even Avon - direct selling. Oh and the time would be on 10am till 6pm~! Whoa all day~!

I went through their website and found really interesting thing to share. They sell everything to electrical goods, health products, make up and even skin care~! They even have promotion on ironing board, cordless phone and storage containers.

So people from KK, come on board and see upclose and person la with Amway on 22nd Febuary 09~! It's on Sunday, even I, the girl who needs to study 9am-5pm for 6 days a week find it real interesting~!

Yin Yin Facial

Yesterday i went for a facial (again) at Yin Yin (Palm Square)to get my face back in the form before i went in Rozsall -think smooth, pimple-free skin. The product they used, is Herbaline. As i studied in Rozsall, my face went from baby's skin to blemished, pimple-prone skin (including the neck area on the sides even). Not THAT bad, but i noticed the changes. I missed my facial routine only once and i got so bad already. Due to hormonal imbalances also, i think. Cuz ever since i stepped into Rozsall, i got my 1st headache, my 1st irregular period and sky-high stress.

1st i made my appointment a day before (I think, my mom made the call). The number is 088-251766 . I arrived 7 minutes early (my appointment was at 3pm, arrived at 2.53). So i was asked to wait. The lounge area was all white, with a hint of leafy green and 1 set of soft, plush couches. The receptionist gave me a herbal tea (tasted the same as before;tea-sweet-like, only lesser sugar than i expected it to be).

Then i was escorted inside, told to put my sandals on a basket (a big one, may fit shoes for excercise sort even) and dip my feet on warm water (in a really nice clay bowl, filled with salt-don't know what kind). Dry my feet and smell this aroma like ginger and went straight to my treatment room.

review herbaline yin yin kota kinabalu sabah

Here's the room. It's not really spacious, which is still acceptable, since i was only doing facial. The room has a cloth-door. They use cloth (like the retractable ones you find in fashion boutiques) to separate the room with the outside world. And the room has this "wall" barely reaching the ceiling, only 1-2 foot away. Don't know why, maybe for the customers to hear the balinese/javanese musical played throughout the whole entire space.

I got Michelle. Never got her before, but she was really, really, really (i had to emphasis that) good in extracting (poking and pressing out pimples). I think she scanned every milimeter of my face with the bright light over me. Why did I said she's a good extractor? She did extraction while doing steaming on me (heating water up and channel the vapour onto the skin to open up pores, extract toxins and stimulate blood circulation). She's another good one, besides Shauma. I had done a review of Yin Yin in my facebook here. It covers more on Herbaline, the product brand that Yin Yin sells and a little update on the Centre Point's branch.

And i learned that the mask that was used on me (all this while since i started taking up facial there) was for removing toxins, blackheads and whiteheads~! How nice~! And true, my face gone from quite 'sandy' (embarrass me) to smooth, soft skin~!

I took the usual treatment because i had to rush and no time to take any extra treatment. It was 1 hour and 38 minutes. And i got some little tiny red dots on the places that Michelle extracted on, which I already knew, since she took long time on extraction. =P

Oh and, she said that there's a promo on 3 treatments= RM80 only. So cheap~! I don't know until when but she said it will still be on till next month. I know got Bio Light (hasten your cell generation, make your skin supple and nourished) and Diamond Peel (remove dead skin cells). Another i forgot..but it's really worth it since each treatment like that costs RM70++. And not to mention facial, it would be RM48+RM80= RM128. No need telling me, I'm up for it next month~!

Called in Sick. Clinic Review.

Today i had a bad day. I got sick~! Well it started since last night (i got diarrhoea) again, but i thought it will go away. I got up this morning feeling warmer and a little sore throat. God damn that sandwich i bought at Artos yesterday morning. I know that devilled little thing is responsible for my illness because i started to get uneasy feeling (like wana go to the loo) at 11am like that.

So i had half day today, ended my day by telling Ms Eliania that I'm sick and having fever and nausea. I straight went to clinic at Bersekutu (near Survey there, go straight (junction to 1 Borneo and Likas). Jalan Pantai there), there's Permai Polyclinics there. Thank god.

I was feeling like vommiting, but it just started. I had Nasi Ayam and the feeling subsided. Thank god. I was feeling much better after my meal and hot milo. No more dizziness. I went to the clinic and went straight to the Doctor's room.

clinic permai polyclinics kota kinabalu sabah review

He perscribed me with colourful tablets. (clockwise) = UlphaLyte (to replace water & electrolytes for my diarrhoea), antibiotic (must finish them), PCM (don't know what it means)-500 G (for my fever),Loperamide (for diarrhoea) and lastly, Bascafan for stomachache (when you feel like going to the toilet to do the second business). Phew, i don't know if i spell the science words correctly or not. =P

clinic permai polyclinics kota kinabalu sabah review

Here's my sick leave (sick certificate). Issued by my doctor, Dr Rezan S. Ashraff. The fee for my session and the medicines was RM55. I think it's okay, since I'm used to Permai Polyclinics (the one in KK expecially) and i trust the doctors there. And it's true, i need some replacement(UlphaLyte) for my water loss due to diarrhoea.

As for my skin care regime, i din't use water to cleanse my face because i'm accustomed to my mom's saying, "Don't get into water when you're sick". So i used Eskinol Cucmber Facial Cleanser. It's great, i don't need to use water, just use wet cotton pad. Then i used my Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion to make sure my face is all clean and free from dirt and grime. I'll review these products in my next posts. See ya~! =)

Sexual Harrassment, Nasi Goreng Kampung from Artos Review~!

Well, i got your attention eh? Hehe, it's actually not physically, but as in, vision-wise. I was at Esso (a gas station) at the road where City Mall is (the gas station is further up from Lintas there).

shocking display butt in public

This guy came and stopped where the gas pump for tyre was. Lemme tell ya, when i saw him, the 1st thing my eyes saw was the lines of his butt. He's a chinese. I was sooooooo shocked~! Cuz he was facing his back on me, so i can see his pants all (seriously) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY down to his thigh (kalah-kalah tu penyanyi hip hop ba). His hair like, all spiked up and very white. Haih, apa la mau jadi sama ni orang sekarang. As we modernize, we go back to ancient times- clothes that are less is IN. Crazy o wat??

Okay enuf bout dat. I wana share a dish with you guys at Artos, Damai. I ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung (Village Fried Rice?? Ngam ka dat? XD). Well i must say...IT's SOOOOOOOOOO not worth it~! Not worth my money and my precious time on waiting for 10 min for it~! Haiya memang i menyesaaaaaaaal betul...lucky they use some sort of sambal (a paste) on it. The taste's like..nasi goreng kampung la, but spicier than i can endure (fuiyo perkataan tu..). The rice is rich with the paste la, like heavy. And got 30% more oil (cooking oil).

review food nasi goreng kampung kampung style fried rice

I asked for a no-veggie. And yes, the rice didn't have veggie. And the thought of having prawns, chicken and such in was soooooo wrong~! (it's RM5++ you know) The rice then is only filled up with slices of cheap sausages, small sticks of carrots and chillie. Well i never~ Geez~! Not worth it seriously. I give it 4/10~! And by the time i was finished, i was sweating like hell. (i'm not a hot person. If you know what i mean..)

review food nasi goreng kampung kampung style fried rice
here's a close up. Slices of sausages only, not much.
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