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Review: Skinz UV White Facial Foam
review skinz uv white facial foam

I was very interested in using this brand. Why? Because it doesn’t have any parabens and it’s from Japan. Come on, who has the best tech in beauty, Japan’s one of the countries I must say. I saw this set kit at guardian at RM26.80. It’s kinda worth it as it has Skinz UV White Facial Foam worth Rm5 like dat, the Skinz UV White Intensive Night Cream, RM15 like dat and there’s a sunscreen included, Skinz UV White spf50++ High Impact Sunscreen (whoa~! It’s like 98-99 protection from the rays here!) priced at RM11.90 (sed on the box given free, oh well promoting technique). So total would be RMRM30++.

I’ll cover on the cleanser 1st aight? It’s Skinz UV White Facial Foam with sakura extract & lipo-vit C concentrate (dunno wat it is). It says to whiten and protect the skin.

review skinz uv white facial foam

The description is:
A mild cleanser that gently removes impurities, dull skin and refines pores for a smoother skin texture. Its 99% plant active formula cleanses and maintains skin’s moisture balance, while Sakura extract & Lipo-Vit C conbined with UV Filters (why would there be a UV filter in a cleanser?? We only have it on for like, seconds! Well I guess while cleansing we still need protection I suppose?) protect and whiten skin. (I don’t know about this sakura extract, about the whitening thingy.) Transform your skin into fairer, luminous and even-toned complexion. (well that’s something we all want right there!)

The ingredients are very honest, as in, well there’s a print of it on the box as well and it lists all the ingredients, unlike some products that are sold together in sets / kits, they only include the main ingredients like water, glycerin, polyphenols and such, not the dangerous ones like parabens.

The ingredients for Skinz UV White Facial Foam are water (water indicates a preservative is present), myristic acid, glycerin (a humectant, absorbs water from the air and act as a water barrier), palmitic acid, stearic acid, potassium hydroxide, potassium cocoyl glycinate, methyl propanediol, glyceryl stearate, avocado oil (great! Another moisturizing ingredient and best of all, it’s not on the last part of the list, meaning it’s used more than the rest of the ingredients after it’s mentioned), lauric acid, pentasodium triphosphate, polyquaternium-10, BHT (Never heard of this one but AHAs and BHAs), tetrasodium EDTA, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, sakura leaf extract, fragrance, methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol (a preservative, very good since it’s the last ingredient mentioned! -least usage of all)

The cleanser’s a solid one, like..the chocolate Mars. It’s a tube one so it’s like a toothpaste, only harder. The smell is like SeaWhite’s really. I used SeaWhite’s moisturizer before (loved the smell and texture, it really moisturizes!).

The cleanser’s suppose to be mixed with water and forms foams. It really did and I left it for like, 10 min on my face and only half of the foam was there. Like the stuff was absorbed into my skin already, the lather on my face was dry 80%. After rinsing, I didn’t feel any thightenings or discomforts, it says in the tube that it’s suitable for all skin types. Guess that’s right. I don’t know if the cleanser can be put on eye area, I didn’t. Unless it’s all 100% organic..then it would be a different story ain't it? =)

I would recommend this set for youngsters, those who's starting out to have a skin care regime. The stage where you don't really need complicated, troublesome steps and you just want a good cleanse and a good protection from the Sun (especially if you're an athlete! This is a must! Don't be like me =P). It's cheap some more, so parents, put on your money for this one! Safe, no danger and it's all in one price, RM26 for your 12-year old daughter!


  1. So does it actually whitens your skin?

  2. That part, it's a no. I don't see any difference at all.

  3. i used this pduct too...
    myb im lucky...its whitens my skins..

  4. Wow really??? COngrats! Maybe different skin, different effects..

    =( too bad didn't work like that on mine.

  5. it really works.. but the product discontinue!!!

  6. i used this product for 2 years...n it suits my face skin...reduced my pimples..

  7. Wow seriously?? Glad to hear so many good reviews! Thanks there anonymous!

  8. I had a pretty bad acne scars.. i used skinz uv white spot corrector..a 28g tube for RM21+..kind of expensive for me since the tube is so tiny but i've just used it for 2 weeks, my bf n my bro's gf asked me what i apply on my face cos the scars are getting lighter now. Yay! :)

    anyway is it really from japan or is it just formulated from japan? it's from the company called UNZA that produces safi skin care right?

  9. Hey Stranger! xD Thanks for reading! Wow! Seriously?? Amazing! Will definitely try it! Though I don't really need it now, yet. xD

    Yea I remember the product's from UNZA. Yes it's the one who produces Safi too! =D

    Check out their website for their brands (A LOT I TELL YA)-

  10. Hi Delilah! :)
    i use to apply the Skinz lotion everytime after bathe, and also when i feel like my skin are dry. it smell very good and i really like it. i bought the big bottle and my sister ask what brand i use coz it smell very nice. then i introduce it to her :)

  11. Hey Vicc! Yeah the body lotion's smell is very nice!

  12. Yes. I used it only like 2 weeks..
    My face look radiant n pimples? lesser and lesser.. and the foam is very2 softt.. huuu i like.

  13. Hey there! Wow that's very good! Glad people are giving good reviews on this item! I'm back to Blogger now! Wordpress is to much headache! xD


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