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Review: Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate (110ml)
review Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate (110ml)I bought Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate (110ml) yesterday at Centre Point, KK. This baby is RM20 below, not sure. And there are 4 varieties for this range- Green Tea Lip & Eye Make-up Remover, Cucumber Lip & Eye Make Up Remover and Pomegranate Lip & EyeMake Up Remover. Each of them has oil to remove waterproof make up and it’s for all skin types~!.  It says that Pomegranate has rich antioxidant properties (yeah it IS true!), help the skin’s complexion.

On the description, “this gentle formula easily remove all waterproof and long-wearing eye & lip colour make-up, leaving skin clean, supple and free from oil residue. (You got that right, didn’t feel anything but squeaky clean finish!)” and the directions are, “shake well to mix the ingredient (yeah you need oil to remove the waterproof make up you know), pour optimum amount (I think it means SUFFICIENT amount) onto cotton wool (if I, I’ll put on cotton buds for my eyeliner) and wipe gently (especially on the eye area, it’s fragile you know, the thinnest part of all, 10x thinner than our body skin)”.
The mouth of the bottle is an open-up type and has a channel to let out the liquid inside. It's okay, since you can control the amount by pressing or not pressing the bottle and it comes out drop by drop, so no wastage here.
review Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate (110ml)

Elianto Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover in Pomegranate has (well) pomegranate smell~! The smell’s fruity-pomegranate-like but won’t sting your nose la. The smell lingers until you apply the remover on your face. It has a very pale mixture of red-orange, and becomes milky when you shake it all up (mix the oil with the water). The texture is watery and you won’t need a lot of it to remove your make up at a time, unless it’s too heavy and needs re-wiping (is there such word??).

I would recommend this to remove your daily make up like eyeshadows on your lids, your blusher, your lipcolour. For eyeliners, use cotton buds but you need to really press and swipe harder to get the eyeliner off (it’s because eyeliner is applied between lashes. The cotton wool won’t be able to come in contact with the skin between the lashes.) As the tittle sounds, it’s okay for me. 7/10 for me.

Here’s the ingredients:
Aqua (water), sedium chloride (I think it’s sodium chloride), betaine, butylene,glycol, palaxamer 184, benzyl alcohol, benzalkanium chloride, butylene glycol, dicaprylate / dicaprate, cyclo-methicone, isohexadecane, aloe barabdensis (it’s aloe vera, FYI), CI42053, Fragrance.

Did I mention it’s made in Korea?


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