Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I just got my wifi back at home. I'm using wireless, well we have more than 1 laptops in the house. So wireless is the way to go. Recently the telephone cabel was ruined. I couldn't go to the net cuz if you want internet, you need the dial right. I dunno how's the situation but my mom got the Telekom people to come over and they sed it's because the cabel was done incorrectly. The wires are suppose to go through the house, not over the house. So all these while, the wires were exposed to the weather. And that's how the damage was done. Shit~!


My mom got the contractor who did on the wires. He was recommended by Telekom itself on getting the wires all set up. Damn la these people. Why they give stupid people like dat Jimmy guy? That's his real name. Chinese i think. Stupid guy i hope u read this. If you're a stupidumb head, DON'T~! He made all these stupid excuses for not going to the house to make it all right again. Shit la these kind of people. This kind of people better just rot in hell and be fed to the dogs or sharks~!

People like me, who has Tmnet bill to pay every month,
don't need this nuisance you know? I pay the bill every month, even if i don't use it. So it's a waste of money~! Huh, i tink i'm done, i already got my line now, so no use already. I just wana get it outta my chest la. =)

Thanks for reading~! Sorry if my layout (blog) isn't nice, i don't know how to make it in order, like how i want it. I'll learn it in my spare time. Seriously, if anyone knows, please tell~!


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