Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dove Chocolate~!
dove chocolate chicago united stats of america I saw Dove Chocolate's advertisement in one of Martha Stewart's recipe video just now~! I thought, hey is it Dove body care one, or is it a different one? And yes, it's different~!

The voice of the woman in the ad was so seducing and so i checked on it on the net. Turns out it's a brand from south of Chicago~!

"Because DOVE® creates chocolate indulgences and only chocolate indulgences, careful attention is paid to quality, ensuring a silky, smooth texture and delicious, lingering taste."

There are a lot of varietes of chocolate display from singles to bars to even ice creams~! You can also have your own personalized chocolate ~! It also includes sign up section for updates from My Dove Chocolate!


  1. Did you know that Dove also makes Chocolate Martini Mix, Cupcake Mix and Brownie Mix?
    Visit my blog for the latest Dove Chocolate News. By the way, I like your writing style!


  2. Wow! that's a lot to choose from! Sure I'll check out your blog! And sorry for late replying, I didn't know about people commenting my blog till I saw in my email!


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