Sunday, December 21, 2008

Food Carnival 18th-21st Dec 2008

food carnival 2008 Here's a food booth that sells the local stuff, rempeyek, baulu, kuih lidah and kuih sapit. I love rempeyek, but the rempeyek dey sold didn't look was at RM3 per pack. It had some nuts and anchovies and that's it. Not tasty dat trust me, i know how a good one looks like.

food carnival 2008
There was a food carnival held here in Kota Kinabalu recently. Juuuuuust recently. It wasat Sabah Trade Centre, Likas. That place's famous for holding exhibitions like warehouse sale, PC Fair, the Beauty & Health Expo (in November). It was held until 8pm if i'm not mistaken. It's until today only..since Thursday dat.

There were food exhibits as well as furniture sale by Chan's Furniture and machines (like the one on the left). There was also this machine for bottling drinks, real nice.
There were this chocolate malt drink, tastes like vico and has this oat flavour in it. Very tasty, it was on RM12 only, if usual price would be RM13-RM15.  There were cans of paste, prawns, sardins, fishes and satay sauce.

food carnival 2008There were also this pizza booth, but we didn't buy anything, it was at RM13-RM27. Better go Pizza Hut and buy the large one at Rm40. Taste guaranteed again some more.

food carnival 2008After that we went to this stall that sells some health food products based on honey if i'm not was of Muslim's.  Beauty products were sold there too, but i was attracted to the stones on the bottom after all the other items.
It is sed to have the ability to remove toxins and 'angin' inside your body out, all you need is to soak your feet or hands in water + a small scrapings of it. We bought 3 of it, cuz it was so cheap, RM15 each.

food carnival 2008Lastly i wana talk on this Lactovida product. It's a drink for health. There were all this individuals with cancer, leg injuries (with open scars like, big holes in it aa) and others, and the progress of healing of eahc of them after drinking the drink.

My mother was fascinated, she bought 3 of the bottles, each at RM40 for the old version one. The new version one is at RM120 if i'm not mistaken.

The difference between the 2 is just that the healing process is quicker than the older version. That's for chronic diseases, so for normal people, heart problems or any other diseases within that level of danger, just take the older version.
That's it folks, i hope this exhibition will be held again some time after. I can't wait for more interesting stuff~! Take care~!


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